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Waiting for the next big thing

As I wrap up my last term in the Master of Science in Strategic Communication program at TROY University, I can’t help but to think about how this “emerging media” we have discussed in depth will be outdated soon. After all, I joined this field when it was referred to as “new media”. I was fascinated with computers and the capabilities of the world wide web. I wanted desperately to be part of that digital world. So I gave up my TV news producing career to pursue it.

I’d say it was worth it. Digital is now the way of the world. Just think about how quickly digital media has taken over some many aspects of our lives. It affects how we communicate, share, handle financial transactions, entertain ourselves, and other important functions. A lot of the dependence on digital communication stems from the use of a smart device like a phone or tablet.

Many communication methods have changed as a result of emerging media. Here are a few from my lifetime that immediately come to mind:

  • Letters and handwritten notes have been replaced by email
  • Pay phones have been replaced with cell phones
  • Phone calls have been replaced with Facetime
  • Texting has been replaced with messaging through social media apps
  • People choose to surf the web via a smartphone or laptop versus a desktop computer
  • Physical meetings have been replaced by Zoom meetings

Back in 1993 (the year I graduated high school) AT&T predicted in a commercial that a man could participate in a business meeting through a video conference. I know as an 18-year-old in 1993, I never thought something like that would be possible. But look at us now.

With so many forward thinkers and the desire to create the next big thing, I wonder what will be the next “emerging” piece of media. What do we depend on today that will be replaced tomorrow?


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