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This is Just the Beginning

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I am wrapping up the first of 10 classes in TROY University’s Master of Science in Strategic Communication program called Leadership and Media Strategies. Strategic communications! Who knew it encompassed so much! I honestly did not know what to expect when I started this journey. 

I graduated from TROY almost 25 years ago. I was hesitant about starting school again but I knew I needed this program in order to remain competitive in the workforce. This course has confirmed that I am doing something right on my current job because I see that some of the same principles discussed in class are being applied daily at work. 

There were so many great topics discussed that included the effectiveness of social media, monitoring advertising and even reactions to a PR crisis. However, highlights for me were how to be an effective listener, looking at the differences between a manager and leader and the importance of being a servant leader.

Effective Listening: I learned the hard way about listening when I was accused of not listening to a person I supervised. I personally felt I had listened and digested every word and I even relayed that to her. But she disagreed. She said my actions told a different story. Even the gestures I made during our exchange indicated that I wasn’t listening, according to her. I’ve learned that it is possible to hear but not listen.

Manager vs. Leader: Leaders have to have vision and are risk-takers. But managers are important too because they take care of day-to-day business. I am definitely a manager and I need to work on being a leader. 

Servant Leadership: Being genuine with people and having the desire to build relationships is what stood out to me about servant leadership. I’m so thankful to work with servant leaders everyday!

I look forward to what else this journey to obtaining my degree in Strategic Communications holds for me. Just so you know, you might not hear from me weekly for the time being. But I’ll be back!


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